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The internet is an overwhelming place. It’s big, mean and usually out to get something from you. The services we provide would normally cost you several thousands of dollars just to get started and the only alternative solutions expect you do it all yourself. We believe you deserve to be comfortable online. Let us make your life a little easier.

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“…everything produced by persons in every sphere, when they are ruled by the spirit of justice and truth, is endowed with the radiance of beauty.”

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Quentin has always held 3 goals for his work:


After 6 years of work as a professional designer, ComfortTech is his attempt to reflect these goals in a cozy environment for creatives to serve organizations, companies and individuals. 

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Danielle graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2021 with a degree in music. Her love of people fuels her passion for making music, creativity and self expression available to all. As a part of ComfortTech, she manages each part of the employment process and uses her teamwork and interpersonal skills to keep the team operating smoothly. In her free time, she enjoys composing music, playing silly songs on the ukulele, writing, reading, baking cookies and spending time with family.


Collin Miller graduated with creative writing and literature majors from UNT, where he also received a certification in technical writing. Currently living in Arlington TX, Collin produces local and online film festivals through his company “Queer 2 Queer,” writes short and feature length films and enjoys being an out and proud film buff in his free time. He and his fiancé plan to fill their apartment with pets by the end of 2023 and Collin hopes to become a certified Life Coach by the end of 2024. Always someone to dream big, Collin tries his best to pursue every opportunity that comes his way. Let him know if you have any!


Meet Lukas Irey, the youngest member of the ComfortTech team. Always clad in sweatpants and a hoodie, Lukas does their best to embody the company’s core value of comfort. With a passion for art and an attentive eye toward online trends, Lukas hopes to bring a youthful and artistic perspective to your online projects.

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